Mike McGrath

Mike McGrathMike McGrath began selling first aid kits at age six and has negotiated with everyone from the Shirshov Institute in Russia, to Japanese prefectures, banks bottlers and major advertisers. He has sold in more than twenty cultures and served as:

  • President and Publisher of Time Magazine
  • Vice President of Film Development and Distribution at Imax Corporation
  • Vice President of Marketing and Business Development American Express
  • President of a Private Investment Company that bought sold or merged 20 companies
  • Country General Manager of the world’s largest online poker company, Poker Stars

He has built sales teams for everything from ad campaigns, to movie concepts, and major theme park attractions and led contract negotiations that have delivered over a billion dollars to his clients. He is a world authority on building massive online communities through social network advertising. His passions are living around the world and exploring new forms of sales and marketing for the entertainment industry.