The Field Guide to Sales

The Field Guide to Sales
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As a sales consultant and coach, the question I’m asked most often is this:

“Why don’t I sell as much as I know I am capable of selling?”

My experience in working with my sales clients has shown me all kinds of reasons why they say “no” to just doing what they know they should to sell all that they know is possible.

Maybe they:

  • Don’t have time
  • Don’t believe it really makes a difference
  • Don’t think it really will work
  • Don’t believe they deserve the great outcome that comes from doing it
  • Don’t want to do it
  • Are afraid to get started
  • Are in the procrastination habit
  • Have a reason they like to complain
  • Don’t think they are qualified to do it

I wrote this book to help sales professionals figure out how to sell anyway. One of the most successful ways to ‘just do it’ is to engage someone to do it with you – a partner, a coach, a colleague, a friend. Someone who believes in you and has no hidden agenda for themselves in helping you so that you can get rolling and accomplish one thing at a time. Then one day you realize you aren’t even conscious that you now do what you know to do and don’t even think of it. This is the gift of coaching….easily, without guilt, no shoulds, shifting to getting things done to make a difference in getting you where you want to go.

Instead of teaching you how to sell, I want to teach you how to prepare to be there when the customer is ready to buy, so it becomes easy, comfortable and happy.

Whether you’re a first time salesperson, getting that first client or you’ve been doing it for years the process is always the same.  First decide what you sell, who are you going to sell it to, and then third, be available to deliver what you say you’re going to deliver.

When you do that well, keep doing it so that you can repeat it and keep the cycle going on and on and on.

This book is intended to be a partner in growing your sales!

Here’s to happy selling!