Getting The Right Sales Mindset

Have you ever noticed when it comes to daytimers or pocket organizers, there are three kinds of people? One kind buys the next year’s daytimer in September so they can hardly skip a beat moving from one year to the next. Yet another group of people pony up to the sales register with organizational tools in hand. They aspire to be organized, yet never seem to get the shrink wrap off. And, finally, there are those who have just accepted they will never be organized and they will have to come to terms with their constant state of disorganization.

And what does this have to do with sales? Simply, put, it’s the same way with sales. Are you the type of person who absolutely hates sales and believes you can’t sell? Or the type who buys all the latest sales books yet hardly cracks the spine? Or do you take sales on with the vigor of an Olympic athlete?

Let me just say, as a member of the 1% club (the top 1 percent of sales professionals), there was a point where I HATED sales (and selling). The last thing I wanted to do is sell. We all move through phases of sales power. Some days it seems like we could sell ice to eskimos. Other days, it takes all we can to summon the courage to pick up the phone to make the calls we know will result in the filled pipeline that we need to continue to be successful. And, then, there are days when we just want to throw in the towel.

And that’s okay. If there’s anything I would like for you to know today it is the idea that you CAN sell and, if you don’t give up, you WILL accomplish your sales goals. I think Woody Allen said it best. Eighty percent of success is just showing up. Be honest with yourself, do your best and it will come. Accept that there will be ups and downs on the way to the finish line.

I wish there was some super magic bullet I could give you that would be the panacea for all of your sales ills. But there’s not. And, truthfully, anyone who says there is may be thinking they have some oceanfront property in Arizona they may like to sell you. The reality is that sales are not a ‘one point’ process where things happen from doing ‘one thing.’ It takes consistent, forward motion to excel in sales.

The best advice I have for you from the field is for you to stay in motion with intention and focus. Do one thing each and every day that adds to your company’s (and your) bottom line. If you stay focused today, tomorrow’s results will take care of themselves!

Debbie Mrazek is the founder and principal of The Sales Company (, a sales acceleration company dedicated to entrepreneurs. Get Debbie’s Special Report, How To Hit The Sales Sweet Spot for Bigger Profits at and learn more about her new book at