Sales Leveraging – When does 1 + 1 = 10?

The Secret of Leveraging Your Selling Power

Greg came to our coaching meeting deflated and feeling down.

“Why so glum,” I asked.

“Well, you know I had my best month ever last month, right? I don’t know… I just feel like how am I ever going to improve beyond that?”

Greg’s concern amplified what most people fear – the job of continually achieving more. In sales, the thinking is that by doing more work the result is greater. This is why you often see sales teams buzzing around a few days prior to the end of a sales period. The truth is selling doesn’t really work that way – at least not for top sales pros.

With the input = output sales model, you call on 10 contacts, you multiply that number by your close percentage (20% means you will close two out of 10), and you spend the rest of your time working to get more contacts to increase your overall close rate.

Top pros know how to leverage everything they do. One call equals 10 of someone else’s non-leveraged calls. A top pro’s one sale returns three more. Leveraging your selling power is easier than you might think. In fact, it actually takes less work to do more when you adopt a leveraged sales mindset.

Here are three ways you can immediately leverage your selling power:

1. Adopt a Win-Win Mindset – Instead of thinking about only closing the sale, think about how you can make the sales meeting more effective for your prospect. Would it be helpful to have other decision makers at the initial meeting? Is there a way to present via the web or in another way that makes it easier on all involved?

2. Joint Venture for Greater Benefit – Do you have a client that would benefit from knowing someone else you know? If so, make an introduction. Once you put the interests of others in the forefront, you are elevated to a higher status for them, too. Instead of developing one referral source, you now have two.

3. Become a Trusted Resource – Great sales pros transcend the sales process to become a resource for clients. Instead of thinking the sales person is about selling widgets, the person becomes a trusted resource and connector in the community. In relationships, being a resource elevates you to a higher level.

Great sales pros makes their own rules. In the game of leverage, go big or go home. People gravitate toward those who make things happen. When you push the envelope, do things differently, take a risk, and you will find that other leaders will naturally gravitate toward you. Soon enough your efforts – and results – will exponentially multiply!

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