Company Sales Training

Building World-Class Sales Teams That Deliver

Sales teams with 10 or more sales professionals who work in companies with revenue between $10 million and $500 million work together differently than larger corporate sales professionals. We understand this and work with your company’s structure to create a selling solution that works best for your company.

Selling with Substance begins by understanding your company’s selling arena and then works down from there to equip your team with a sales solutions that works best for each of them. In short, your team doesn’t change to fit Selling with Substance, our program fits to meet your company, your sales culture and your current sales professionals to turbo-boost sales.

We understand this. And, Selling with Substance significantly impacts sales departments in this size of company because your teams can move and adapt at a faster pace than the larger organizations can. Our program takes strengths to a whole new level and eliminates your so-called deficiencies.

Selling with Substance supports your company to identify your company’s true value in the world. We equip your sales people with a new proficiency in diagnosing needs, providing options and guiding customers to the best solution. This enables their conversations to resonate more powerfully with your customers, lowering their fear of saying, “Yes.”

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