Corporate Sales Teams

No matter how passionately you deliver a sales presentation you cannot truly offer your customer the strongest solution until you demonstrate that you understand their reality and really care.

Building Real-World Skills and Deeper Motivation

Selling with Substance delivers change – it permanently changes the way sales people think and act. This paradigm shift achieves measurable sales acceleration and will help your corporation make more money within 30 days.

We recognize that corporate sales teams are not looking for more of the same in training and development. Our program changes the way sales teams play the sales game entirely. Your sales professionals ask questions, process information, listen and react. The entire process refocuses the way your sales people approach selling. However, the process is different for each sales person and each one can win the sales game by playing in their own unique way.

Selling with Substance is focused on awakening new motivations, skills and strategies to help your sales people inspire prospects to open their minds to new options, take action and overcome their fear of saying, “Yes.”

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