Selling With Substance

A New Approach to Selling and Life (header)

What is selling? Even the Webster dictionary has the definition wrong. Selling is not about getting someone to buy something. It is not about convincing. It is all about helping and serving. It is about providing knowledge, clarification, encouragement, and building trust.

Selling with Substance is a new approach to selling where trust trumps fear, and deep feelings of mutual respect and empathy are real and evident.

It’s different because we know from more than 35 years in the field that each sales professional has an inner sales genius just waiting to be unleashed. Selling with Substance first works to understand your company’s selling environment in relation to your market and then equips your sales team with the best selling tools for your company. Then, at the sales pro level, Selling with Substance works to unleash each person’s inner sales genius. And what we know after three and a half decades is that each sales pro can be superstar, but only if he or she can use their own sales genius. Tackling sales from every level is the only way to create permanent, lasting sales growth.

This is where one size fits all training misses the mark because it forces sales pros to become something they aren’t to ‘fit’ the training.

How will Selling with Substance Help Me?

Selling with Substance results in real change, improved sales proficiency and increased customer satisfaction.

It provides a philosophy, a system and the tools needed to approach sales and business development in a way that immediately benefits the company, the sales team and customers, and builds a wealth of leads and referrals.

Selling with Substance goes to the core of why your customers buy and how your sales professionals interact with customers to improve opportunities for buying. It will:

  • Increase sales and referrals
  • Deliver measurably better sales performance for every sales pro (creating superstars out of average performers)
  • Develop lifetime relationships that speed the sale and deepen sales networks
  • Improve customer service
  • Reduce sales professional turnover
  • Focus sales team energy, develop positive impact and make selling more fun

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