Sales Quiz

Selling with Substance

My sales team consistently hits their sales targets each month.

a.       Always

b.      Sometimes

c.       Hardly Ever

d.      Never

Our sales cycle takes longer than it should.

a.       Never

b.      Hardly ever

c.       Sometimes

d.      Always

Customers understand the value our company provides.

a.       Easily

b.      With Some Marketing Support

c.       With Several Presentations

d.      With a  Lot of Perseverance and Presentations

Our sales team environment is:

a.       Cohesive and Collaborative

b.      Collaborative

c.       Competitive

d.      Competitive and Aggressive

Our sales professional tenure is:

a.       Long – two years or more

b.      Industry Average – one year to 18 months

c.       Too Short – less than one year

d.      Fleeting – less than six months

We have happy customers:

a.       Most of the time

b.      Some of the time

c.       Infrequently

d.      Never

Customers understand our contracts:

a.       Always, prior to buying

b.      With an in-person follow-up

c.       With many phone calls

d.      Later, after it’s too late to cancel the contract

Our clients refer others to/tell others about us:

a.       All the time, we can’t keep up!

b.      Sometimes, usually with certain sales people

c.       Not often enough!

e.      Never

Our customer tenure is:

a.       Long – they never leave!

b.      Somewhat long – about industry average

c.       Too short – they come and go

d.      Non-existent – we lose them as fast as we catch them

Our sales team’s grade, if I am being COMPLETELY HONEST is:

a.       A – Great, but I know we can always do better!

b.      B – Good, there’s room for improvement

c.       C – Okay, we’re winning some and losing some, every day is a challenge

d.      D – Poor, sales is beating me down!


Grade Yourself!

Look at your score and identify the letter you chose the most. See below.

Mostly A’s:

You are doing better than good, and it is evident that your sales culture is committed to sales excellence. Most likely, you look at training and development as a way to keep your edge. Selling with Substance could take you from where you are now to sales numbers beyond your current level of expectation. We call this ‘going over the moon!’

Mostly B’s:

You are doing well, but most likely you have a nagging feeling in the pit of your stomach that your team could be performing much better. Selling with Substance can identify exactly what you know in your gut is off and help you refine these areas so sales are easier and results are more predictable month to month.

Mostly C’s:

You are doing okay, and every week feels like a struggle to stay afloat. Most likely, you spend more time thinking about why you aren’t hitting sales more predictably than you do actually leading your sales team to bigger sales. Selling with Substance can alleviate the headaches you currently are experiencing and introduce you and your team to a whole new selling experience in as little as 30 days.

Mostly D’s:

Figuring out how to hit sales quotas likely feels like scaling Mt. Everest. Likely your sales environment is working against you as are other key selling functions. Selling with Substance can help you rebuild your sales team and environment and set you up for greater sales success. The good news about being at this level is that Selling with Substance can quickly help you see larger incremental improvements in your sales team.